Are you a professional writer…yet?

Are you a Professional Writer Yet?

I have not been around this place for a while now, and I am beginning to wonder whether this behavior is professional or not. If we had two categories: Professional and Unprofessional, and a question in the form of today’s subject matter, this absenteeism tendency would sadly fall under Unprofessional. And it is not funny, not at all, not like Bikozulu on any day.

But I had reasons, and good reasons for that matter. I was berthed by everything Vistawriting. This pet project is coming up and along very well, and I have God, you readers, and my clients to thank for it all. I am back though, and it is my plan to stick around for all of us; you, me, and our love for the written art.

This post goes out to all of us; we who love the written art; we who eat and drink and do things to the written art; we who appreciate as pen press paper, and as poem meet stone.


Courtesy: Vistawriting

See you around.

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