That Random Number

I have always wanted to do this, you know, pull a random piece just to throw you off-balance. It is like that random number the Deejay plays to thaw away a stale night and get the crowd going. Yes it is random, but I will shake and serve it rocked just the way you like.

Image throw you off-balance

Clients love spontaneity. Clients love fresh ideas. Clients love initiative. More so, they love it when you’re excited about working on their project. They want to believe you are fun to work with. They want adventure. They want to believe you’re dependable; that what you offer is bankable. They want professionalism; the full treatment, no excuses fronted, no excuses taken. They lust after trust that culminates in lasting professional relations. They want to give you return business, so they will always fish for that WOW factor. They want to hire the best, and pay the best.

They want to feel warmth and well taken care of. They hire you, so they can spend their time on Twitter because they pay you not to creating more opportunities. They want you to write, and write exceptionally well because you’re their voice; it is your work to talk the money in. They value honesty, diligence, secrecy and such privileges.

They hate empty promises, and so does everyone else. They hate unanswered mails; effective communication is, above everything else, timely. You don’t want to be demanding, or a nag because that is as repulsive as a monkey in a negligee.  Well, they hate everything that they do not love.

When all you have is a few paragraphs to make your case, you want to hit the home run. You want to be clear and to the point. You want to reach out, convince and win. You want to be confident in your abilities. You want to prove your worth. You want to fit the suit; convince the client you, yourself, cut the clothe. You want to show mastery of trade. You want to be the only expert in your field. You want the client to want your service.



Only then will you be hired. Good luck

Star gazing, Cats and Hedgehogs

Every so often, and at what you would call un-Godly hours, I look up to the heavens in the hopes of locating at least one or two of the many constellations people spoke nineteen to the dozen about in Astronomy. And no, I am not that overly-enthusiastic, telescope-in-hand stargazer who claims to know everything there is about Venus, Mars and everything heavenly. I am that other type, you know, the simple notepadin-hand type.

The night was tranquil; clear skies, quiet, warm and with a slight zephyr; the perfect night for stargazing. After several strong coffees and tossing a heavier-than-necessary scarf around my neck, I led myself to the ‘observatory’; an abandoned tarmac parking area located to the furthest East of my residence. I lit a stick, smoked in strong and then looked up. In the exact moment of struggling to isolate constellations from billions of sparkle, instinct whispered to my ear that I wasn’t alone.

An old wrought-iron gate that appeared to have been lastly used during the pre-colonial times stood to my left. On the other side of the gate stood a cat, frozen, cautious and seemingly, a bit out of orientation. Across the road and from the other side of a thick, well-trimmed natural fence, fierce dogs barked away. To serve no other reason but that of illustration, we shall call our cat Ka-Puss. I hate cats.

Ka-Puss is no fool. He took time to survey the situation while I sat put as if affixed to the ground. After a while, Ka-Puss reluctantly ventured towards the gate, but for a few steps. Again, he/she/it took time to determine whether it was safe to venture further. Let me mention that I am a very peaceful person. As such, I held still and sat solid you would have wagered that I was sculptured from marble. But Ka-Puss stayed put, surveying and looking around. Finally, probably after figuring out that I am the peaceful being I claim, he crept, as if staking prey, to the furthest side of the gate and cautiously, almost without breathing, squeezed through the bars. Once on my side, he zoomed away faster than I can remember.

I went back to stargazing only to be interrupted, two or so minutes later by the arrival of the night’s second guest; a hedgehog! Yes, apart from rogue students, you also get to see hedgehogs at and around UoN. And yes, I know what a hedgehog looks like. We will call this one Ki-Nose.

Now this is what surprises me. Ki-Nose knows no caution and if he does, then he is dumber than dumb itself. This is what he did: Ki-Nose approached my position from the right side of the parking lot. He came in fast, carelessly and as if blindfolded, passed right by my FEET! I must say I was tempted to stomp on all that stupidity. I laughed instead.

After which I pulled hard on my then dimming cig and looked up. Clouds! Damn Nairobi weather!

Also, steal me a telescope.

Cute, She Just Stood There, and She Was The One

We have been together, thro’ ups and down, together from day one,
When she visited, unannounced, a few past, a few minutes past one,
She was sexy, she was cute, she just stood there, and she was the one,
I would not have another for her; no, none, we would always be one,
Every day, every minute, every step, everywhere, put together, as one
She loves me, and me her, nobody can keep us apart, no one, none,

I romance her, I care for her, I reveal to her the treasures of my soul,
Together, she gets the ink drops to quench her thirst; I became her all,
She is my sanctuary, she is my comfort, she is my energy, she is my all,
Hands in hands, I am her Bonnie, she my Clyde, her and me, against all,
She always loves it, it when I ride a finger over her; she says give me all
I do not hold back, we play it like ball, we are perfect, it is always a go-al,

She never will leave, she promised, she points out, I got her caked, me,
I will never leave her, I promised, she is mine to keep, forever, for me,
She has many forms, she has even more styles, she is wild, even to me,
She is addictive, very addictive, she is my love; she’s Written Art to me,
I lay her on paper, with my pen, I drive her crazy, she says, go go, do me
Put me on anything, I will write, the Written Word I’ll hold onto, for me,