We are moving! Or, we already DID!

Hello Readers,

How have you been? Hope all is well. Well, I have a quick announcement to make, and that is we have moved. Yes, we did move a coupla days ago, but I am late with this announcement as we had to tweak a few things in our new place.

It is not a big place as yet, but I would love to welcome you all as your support has been great driving force around this place. Please find me, and my fellow contributors over at vistamedia.xyz, where we are adding spice to our game (ours and yours as well). It is my hope that I will find you there.

Remember to keep the feedback flowing in, because afterall, we are all suckers for a little pat on the back. See you there friends, and be safe on the internet. Again, vistamedia.xyz it is. Cheers.

Teaser – Are you a paid writer? How to invest writing money

So you have been on the grind, churning word after word, and things have been going quite well. Your trade is the written word, and so far so good, you have been blessed. The word is paying you – you are earning good writing money.

Now, writing money is sweet. It is sweet to high heavens Oh beloved, such that the tendency with most freeelance writers is to spend every coin, and count days to the next check. That was my game plan too when I started. It was a Big Mistake….