Hire Me

IamVW is the light sabre sword that I unsheathe when I go ninja on them words. It is the ensemble that I don to the stage, and right before I throw a random one at you. I love the written word; she has been good to me, and me to her. I feel that we are quite inseparable, and our relationship can be a great asset to you. But first, I am human, and…

I am addicted to coffee, reading, acting, and a good game of chess. And good food and good music and a good bed. And science and technology and business…and the list goes on. But hey, isn’t life all about appreciating the beauty of variety? I thought so too. And just like you, I sure do love what I do…here, and when out with the party! After all…

“These things are good; these things are not blamable; these things are praised by the wise; undertaken and observed, these things lead to benefit and happiness,” — Kalama Sutta

“Yet, as sad as it is, these things are not free.” — IamVW

But before the party, I will hold fort here, and I will write for you and for your audience; make you great sales, and enjoy return business with you. I have a portfolio page to show you that I mean business. So be quick; click through now, and if you are impressed, come back and put bread on my table, and some fabric on my back. 🙂

How? By dropping me a line at vistawriting [at] gmail.com, and letting me offer you what I have been serving a widening pool of satisfied clients since 2008.

Yours Truly,


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