Cute, She Just Stood There, and She Was The One

We have been together, thro’ ups and down, together from day one,
When she visited, unannounced, a few past, a few minutes past one,
She was sexy, she was cute, she just stood there, and she was the one,
I would not have another for her; no, none, we would always be one,
Every day, every minute, every step, everywhere, put together, as one
She loves me, and me her, nobody can keep us apart, no one, none,

I romance her, I care for her, I reveal to her the treasures of my soul,
Together, she gets the ink drops to quench her thirst; I became her all,
She is my sanctuary, she is my comfort, she is my energy, she is my all,
Hands in hands, I am her Bonnie, she my Clyde, her and me, against all,
She always loves it, it when I ride a finger over her; she says give me all
I do not hold back, we play it like ball, we are perfect, it is always a go-al,

She never will leave, she promised, she points out, I got her caked, me,
I will never leave her, I promised, she is mine to keep, forever, for me,
She has many forms, she has even more styles, she is wild, even to me,
She is addictive, very addictive, she is my love; she’s Written Art to me,
I lay her on paper, with my pen, I drive her crazy, she says, go go, do me
Put me on anything, I will write, the Written Word I’ll hold onto, for me,