Good, you made it! Below, find samples of previous work in .doc files. Use the samples leisurely ONLY after reading the Disclaimer section down below. Cheers.

Click on a sample to download.

  1. Top Home Remodelling Tips – Sample 1
  2. What You Dont Know About Austin Web Design -Sample 2
  3. Web Content Sample
  4. Web Content Sample 2
  5. Benefits of Cloud Computing – sample
  6. Cloud Computing and Desktop Computing – sample 2

More samples coming soon!!!

DISCLAIMER: Here, you will find samples of my 'already-paid-for' articles, meaning these articles are in fact the actual articles working for my clients out there. I hold my clients in highest regard and to uphold their confidentiality, and the terms of our contract(s), the samples on this page have been slightly modified and are provided on a FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY basis. You are prohibited from reproducing, using the content as your own, or making reference to the works as your own, copying in whatever format, and other transgressions that infringe on copyright laws. All copyrights are owned by the respective owners. VISTAWRITING Inc., will not accept responsibility for damages of any kind caused by wrongful use of these samples.

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