How To Write Amazing SEO Articles That Knock Socks off your Clients’ Feet

Is it your desire to write top SEO articles that deliver the punch, and push clients to hire you again? Do you want to write SEO articles that speak to your client, their audience, and far beyond? Well, how about I lend you my hand? This guide takes on a rather different approach…I did not research this on the internet; the approach I’m about to share is something I use personally, and it works. Or, at least for me.

Write Top SEO articles by First, WANTING it

“If you want it, you must will it, and if you will it, it will be yours.” — Sven, HF2

A lot, even better writing, can come out of positive thinking. But how do you know you’re thinking positively as far as writing is concerned? How do you know that your wanting, and willing to write better, are right on track?

You start investing time [and maybe money] in better writing practices. You start learning more about becoming a better writer. You find yourself in such places as this blog. You start reading more and more writing guides. You become a writing student. And then, you start writing top SEO articles, and blogs, and everything else, not necessarily for the money, but as if you were writing for yourself.

But, you might want to believe in yourself first; in your abilities to write better articles. When you have faith in yourself, wanting, and willing won’t be as difficult.

Write top SEO articles by READING a lot

If you are not reading, start NOW! If you are already reading, well and good. But don’t stop there; read, and read some more. Read anything and everything as long as it is written well (and as long as it is healthy).

How do you know it is written well? It reads well, it is interesting, it is captivating, and passes the message without trying too hard! Moreover, it has all the markings of good grammar (duh!). Reading just a little bit more everyday exposes you to a wide pool of different writing styles, and millions of words – that are just perfect in your position as a writer.

But how do you ACTUALLY write TOP SEO articles. How do you construct an amazing article on paper [or word]? See below.

First, Draft the OUTLINE of the SEO article

If you are given only keywords to work with, play around with the ideas that come to mind, and come up with an interesting topic. People lust after catchy topics, and even catchier sub headings. So, structure your outline such that you have a catchy topic, and interesting sub headings. With sub headings, you know exactly what to say, and what goes where. You need the outline to guide you through the article, and to help with research.

Without a definitive outline, your writing will tend to run amok…and readers will know it, and I will know it, and you will know it, because it sucks BIG TIME! Draft an outline to get a mental picture of your article, before writing it.

Carry out DEEP and PROPER research for each SEO article

You want to know more about your subject matter. You don’t want to take a quick look at a ton of material on Google, or any other search engine, just because money awaits. You want to get familiar with the topic, no matter how boring, or technical. You want to have fun researching.

You also want to be HIGHLY selective with search engine results; not everything is useful. Learn how to tell chaff from grain, for it will make your work easier, and faster. Are you with me? I will recommend, because I have always had fun with the site.

Have some paper, and pencil around – to jot down major points, and the supporting ideas. If a page is resourceful, you will know it by the first five lines. You cannot hope to write a TOP SEO article on any topic if you are not knowledgeable in that specific topic.


Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, type your first draft. Take out a clean sheet of paper, and wrap the ideas you collected using your own words.  If you are an avid reader, you will have enough words and styles to deliver a punch for a message. Researching takes care of the ideas.

By preparing a draft, you free your creative genius for the next step, which is:

Actually TYPING your top SEO article

Type your first draft, and improve on quality as you move along. Change a keyword here, and a sentence there. Add freshness and style as you type your article. Since you already freed your creative genius by first writing on paper, you have more brain power to add personality and engage creativity. Get my point?

Drafting on paper frees your brain. When you type, you find it easy to be creative. And, you won’t even notice it, it is automatic…like tricking your own brain. Sounds like fun, right?

Last point: Edit and Proofread your SEO articles
When you use this method, you often tend to think your SEO articles are free of errors. After all, you drafted and typed. But human is to err. So, do not be a lazy writer, proofread and edit your SEO article. A letter or a word missing here, or a comma missing somewhere else can change the entire meaning of your article.
Submitting work that is not edited tells your client that you are careless, and not committed, and lazy, and everything else that they don’t want. Use microsoft word spelling and grammar feature sparingly, and learn to depend on your prowess; you will be shocked just how much grammar you can muster.
However, if you are not sure what a word or a phrase means, look it up on Google (home to plenty of free online dictionaries) or use an alternative word. Remember to write SEO articles that make sense.